That is the question on your mind most of the time that you are driving and running your business. Most carriers spend their time making phone calls during stops. But there are times brokers are calling you, customers are calling you, and pulling over your 50 foot truck on the highway while you try to remember who is calling your from what vehicle on our trailer isn’t safe or smart. Not to mention a total waste of time!

We know, we have been in all parts of this industry. We know how brokers are, we know how customers are, and we know how you are. You need help! The software and apps make it easy to set up your loads, but it can be time consuming. Then there are COI requests, W9, all which all take time. Imagine not having to do any of that. That’s why hiring a qualified auto dispatch service┬áis becoming more and more popular.

There’s more than just dispatching vehicles. There’s managing brokers, overdue shipper invoices, followups to get positive ratings on central dispatch to increase your trust, renewing insurance. All these things are part of what a full service solution is there to do. Because you don’t want something that only works part of the way for you.

If you find yourself getting more and more frustrated with the process of running an office on the road, then hiring a dispatch service will definitely be the best choice you can make. Remember, this service helps you, not replaces your ability to do anything yourself.

You can easily judge the efficiency of your truck dispatch service by comparing the loads you are receiving with those you find on your own. You’ll hear complaints from your brokers and customers if things aren’t right. However, with a good dispatcher that takes care of your name and reputation, your preferred brokers and direct customers won’t know anything has changed because they will always believe they are speaking with your carrier company. Not a third party