Rely on a truck dispatch service designed for you. We are a full service company that works exclusively with auto transport carriers. So you know that you will get a dedicated service that is designed with just you in mind. Our pricing is the best in the industry.

What We Do

Pro Auto Dispatch takes care of everything having to do with getting you form A-B, and back again.

Find Vehicles

Our dispatch service will find vehicles for you on your route. Your dedicated agent will find vehicles for you so you always stay loaded and moving.

Handle Your Day-to-Day

We keep owner operators on the road by not only providing dispatch.We also take care of sending insurance, W-9 Forms, shipper invoices. We do it all for you.

Support for All Major Load Boards

Pro Auto Dispatch works with all the popular platforms and load boards. Like Central Dispatch, Pro ACD, Megabee and more.

Business Strategy

It’s more than just a dispatcher. We are a professional service. Talk to us about your goals and we’ll do our best to make you reach them.

Be Found

Have a professional site for your carrier company. Why should only brokers have a fancy website? You should too!

Monthly Snapshot Report

Get a summary of your dispatches, earnings, unpaid invoices, and more in your email every month.


Pro Auto Dispatch is your One-Stop-Shop for full service auto dispatch, focused on you, the owner-operator. Managing your loads, invoices, documents


We have now been in this industry for a combined 50 years as auto transporters, independent, dispatchers, owner-operators. Our staff is diverse and knows about the industry. We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Drive, arrive, and win with Pro Auto Dispatch.

Rolando Jimenez

Owner Operator
“Thank you, Thank you, and thank you again.”

Davida Gonzalez

Owner Operator
“This is the best choice I could have made. I check my messages, or call in and I know exactly where I’m going.”

Matthew Edinburg

Owner Operator
“I am not a very technical person. I don’t have time to learn how it works. I just want to know what loads there are for me to get. This company makes it happen.”

Andrew Linden

Owner Operator
“I had no idea how much time and rest I was losing planning my loads. Now I don’t have to. My dispatcher is always there, ready to help me.”
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